Meetings & Events

At Zote Tours, we are excited to offer you the best amenities during your events. So, we offer you our best and wonderful conference hotels in Zanzibar to make your events and groups stays a success.

We have a wide selections of hotels destinations so that you can choose the one that suits best of your celebrations: Northern, North East, West, Stone Town and the Southern Parts of Zanzibar. At all of these parts we guarantee you a highly qualified team of professional, the best technology and the exclusive services we offer.

Hold your most important events at  Zote Tours and make it memorable ever!


As an operator offering excellent services, you want your travel to have a wonderful  experience possible. Manage your stay through technology that makes every process simplified. As a Group traveler or Individual you’d wish to know in advance who all you share common interests with and plan things accordingly which mostly happens after you reach the destination. A whole new world of travel choices and planning opens up for the travel in you. Discover every aspect of your trip plan, engage with people who have been there before and connect with service providers for every element.