Mnemba Island

Mnemba Atoll is a protected oceanic area off northern east coast matemwe with excellent visibility depths ranging from ten to thirty meters. It includes the small mnemba island and a reef area comprising of two by four miles. This breathtaking marine ecosystem is famous for sightings of green turtles and dolphins that like to join you as you snorkel or dive while the seasonal migrating whale sharks and humpback whales announce their presence with an occasional spout of water.

On your dive tour of Zanzibar, you will learn of the five main diving locales around Mnemba. Kichwani with its many shaded fish like leaffish, frogfish and nudibranchs are perfect for both beginners and advance PADI divers.

A gentle incline of the coral wall, it slopes till thirty meters. And if you were to visit the Sandbanks while diving on your Indian Ocean Island holiday in Zanzibar, you could spot eagle rays, frogfish, batfish, seahorses and snappers among others. Then there is the Aquarium where you will find garden eels, white tip reef sharks, green turtles, groupers and surgeonfish to name a few. Wattabomi also called Eel City is also suitable for all levels of divers and offers glimpses of anthias, moray eels, lionfish, scorpionfish and many more.

Veteran divers can try their skills at the Small Wall and be rewarded with sightings of spanish dancers, napoleon wrasse, sting rays and also the butterflyfish that are native to this location but usually challenging to spot. Octopi, moray eels, egg cowries and other marine life await your discovery at Kokota Reef.