On the tropical island of Zanzibar, on the cliffs of Kama, there is a luxurious oasis – the Zanzi Resort. Nestled on the edge of crystal blue water, surrounded by the mysteries of an ancient culture, a gentle breeze carries the scent of exotic spices. Zanzi Resort is an island paradise where you will find all the pleasures paradise has to offer and all the comfort and convenience expected of a world class luxury destination: delectable cuisine, personalized service, and opulent surroundings.



Ocean View Luxury Villas: There are 7 ocean-view luxury villas in Zanzi Resort. Each one has big private garden area and swimming pool. Villas consists of bedroom, bathroom and spacious living room. Here you will experience unparalleled privacy – all seven villas are completely isolated from one another.

Luxury Villa with swimming pool and private access to the ocean: These are most private villas in Zanzi Resort perfect for honeymooners. Villas are located on the cliffs, each one has own access to the ocean and relax area.

Luxury Villa with swimming pool: Private swimming pool and big garden area will give you the feeling that you are the only one guest in the hotel. Short path from your garden will lead you to the hotel’s beach.

Bungalows African Eco Villas: Those unique, deluxe bungalows have been open from July 2015.They are made from natural materials like wood and clay, using traditional African techniques. They have all the luxury amenities which you are looking for, but at the same time they will provide you very unique experience of African design. Those villas have access to the large main swimming pool. They are located very close from the open-air gym, SPA and restaurant.

You can choose from two options: Bungalow: African Eco Villa Five bungalows with an amazing artwork on the walls. Each villa is unique – with different shape, design and furniture’s.

Bungalows consists of one bedroom and bathroom. Outside you will have space to relax with outdoor furniture? Amazing surroundings of African trees and flowers create an atmosphere of paradise.

Two-bedroom African Eco Bungalow: There is only one villa with two bedrooms, so book right now! Perfect for a family or group of friends.

Zanzi Spa
SPA treatments in the Zanzi Resort are as unique as our resort itself.
In the Zanzi Resort we offer unique SPA treatments like Ganbanyoku. It involves lying on heated Black Silica slate stone beds which enables the detoxification process. And after Ganbanyoku treatment there is a time for a relaxing massage at the open-ocean platform.

Dining & Lounge


We provide food at your request and the menu is unlimited. It means that you can order whatever you like and whenever you like. We specialize in blending European & African traditions to create a cuisine that is exotic yet familiar, using the finest fresh local ingredients. We also cook according to the diet or requirements of our guests. Every meal can be eaten anywhere in the hotel.